Chain Thrower

System for throwing chains over your load

The total cost of supporting people to recover from chain-related injuries since 2016 was $4.6 million.


Throwing 27 plus chains a day, drivers hurl more than 30,000kgs of steel in any given year. We have developed new technology that removes the driver from the hazards of throwing chains over their load, allowing for heavier chains to be used.

The benefits of this are not just related to health and safety and the reduction in shoulder injuries making the job easier, less physically demanding for the driver, and also aids in prolonging careers whilst widening the driver pool by making the forestry transport industry more accessible.


  • Protected inside the bolster arm
  • Low weight, approximately a total of 200kg to fit out a truck and trailer (6 throwers)
  • Remote operation from designated safe zone
  • Remote monitoring of the chains landing zone
  • Low maintenance construction
  • Robust design
  • Pneumatically powered